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8/21/2010 1 Developmental Designs Developmental research Focused on how responses change over time Typically over very long stretches (years) Theories about how attitudes/abilities might change with age Much of this research focuses on children and ages at which they require certain capacities (e.g., object permanence, theory of mind, etc) Some also examines how cognitive abilities might decline with age (e.g., reduction in short-term memory formation after age 65) Developmental Research Designs Cross-Sectional Longitudinal Sequential Cross-sectional research Subjects of different ages are studied at one point in time Need to gather data from a number of different age ranges to be able to make inferences Goal is to compare different age groups on dependent measures IV: age (or cohort ) DVs: attitudes, behaviors, test performance, etc. Assume that subjects at each age represent what a single individual would experience across course of his/her life
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8/21/2010 2 Cross-sectional research - example Question of interest: women’s attitude towards having/maintaining a career while caring for young children Desire to know how answer to this question changes over the lifespan What might be some possible relationships?
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Developmental_Designs_-_notes_version - Developmental...

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