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8/16/2010 1 Experimental Methods - Analyses Basic Experimental Designs Posttest Only Design Pretest-Posttest Design Repeated Measures Design Matched Pairs Design Matched Pairs Design Subjects are matched on a characteristic related to the dependent variable and then randomly assigned to conditions Technique to ensure that experimental groups are equal before being subject to the experimental manipulation Usually used with small sample sizes Example of Matched Pairs Researchers want to test hypothesis that computerized tutorials will improve math performance more than written workbooks IV – study for 1/hour day using either: Computer tutorials Written workbooks DV – score on math test at end of study period Researchers have previous evidence that IQ scores relate to performance on math test IQ scores available at school for each student 16 students with low math grades chosen for study (known IQ) 8 males 8 females
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8/16/2010 2 Math performance – matched pairs 102 F (A) 78 F (B) 93 F (C) 86 F (D) 84 F (E) 94 F (F) 96 M (G) 89 F (H) 94 M (I) 109 M (J) 105 M (K) 80 M (L)104 F (M) 84 M(N) 89 M (O) 95 M (P) Match on gender and IQ to ensure that distributions ~equal between conditions between conditions… Set 1: 104 F (M) and 102 F (A) Set 5: 109 M (J) and 105 M (K) Set 2: 94 F (F) and 93 F (C) Set 6: 96 M (G) and 95 M (P) Set 3: 89 F (H) and 86 F (D) Set 7: 94 M (I) and 89 M (O) Set 4: 84 F (E) and 78 F (B) Set 8: 84 M (N) and 80 M (L) Math performance – matched pairs 109 M (J) and 102 F (A) 104 F (M) and 105 M (K) 94 F (F) and 95 M (P) 96 M (G) and 93 F (C) 89 F (H) and 89 M (O) 94 M (I) and 86 F (D) 80 M (L) and 78 F (B) 84 M (N) and 84 F (E) Computer (IQ M = 92.00) Workbook (IQ M = 93.25) 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 cond t1 Math score Math score computer
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Experimental_Design_-_Analyses_-_notes_version - Basic...

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