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Experimental_Design_-_notes_version - Experiments Require...

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8/15/2010 1 Experimental Design Experiments! Require two things: Manipulation of variables Random assignment of subjects to condition Different designs allow for slightly different questions to be asked Some research questions will mandate using a particular design Important to think through the best way to address the hypothesis in question Basic Experimental Designs Posttest Only Design Pretest-Posttest Design Repeated Measures Design Matched Pairs Design Effects of testosterone Arnold Berthold in 1849 removed testes of a rooster: No more crowing No more aggressive behavior No more sexual behavior Re-implanted one testis in body cavity and restored normal crowing, sexual behavior and aggression sexual behavior, and aggression The re-implanted testis had no nerve connections; must have been a chemical released into the circulatory system that changed behavior
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8/15/2010 2 Effects of testosterone - humans A similar set of ‘experiments’ have been practiced in humans over history Castration causes bodies to develop in ways that are not male- typical Castrati Can also remove males as sexual threat Can also remove males as sexual threats Eunuchs Effects of testosterone - humans Castrated males (humans & other animals) show absence* of sexual responses to females Injection of testosterone into castrated males generally restores sexual behavior to normal levels Is there a reverse direction of causality, as well? Does sexual behavior or even mere exposure to females increase testosterone ? Hormone responses to females Do females elicit a testosterone response in males? Post-test design in rats Cages with two compartments separated by wire mesh Males randomly assigned to one of two conditions: (1) female on other side of barrier for period of time (2) other side of cage was empty for same period of time Males were sacrificed at end of exposure period and blood
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Experimental_Design_-_notes_version - Experiments Require...

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