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8/28/2010 1 External validity External Validity External validity measures the extent to which research findings can be generalized to other participants, settings, or ways of measuring variables Most psychology research conducted with college students in western cultures Even if a study has strong internal validity (can conclude that one variable caused another), would get same results with other participants? ‘Culture of Honor’ study Theory : South has a “culture of honor” in which men are expected to retaliate strongly against threats or insults or they lose status with their family, friends, peers Economy in south historically based on herding Culture of honor passed down through some cultural transmission process Possible explanation for higher rates of retaliatory homicide in the South Hypothesis: Men from the southern U.S. will respond differently to being insulted than men from the northern U.S. Cohen et al., 1996 ‘Culture of Honor’ study Study 1: Design: “The experiment involved a 2 x 2 design with participant’s region of origin (North vs. South) as one variable and condition (insulted vs. not insulted) as the other variable.” Insult – experimentally manipulated Region of origin – cannot directly manipulate Participants : 83 University of Michigan undergraduates 42 from North 43 from South (lived in south for at least 6 years) all Caucasian; all non-Michigan residents
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8/28/2010 2 ‘Culture of Honor’ study Dependent Variables : Word completion (unobtrusive measure): Observers’ ratings of how angry/amused subjects looked Participants asked to complete a story about a man making
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External_validity_-_notes_version - External Validity...

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