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8/28/2010 1 Research ethics Research ethics Science strives to be objective: Repeatable conclusions based on concrete observations Objectivity requirement Ethics is unavoidably subjective to some degree: based on agreed upon standards, conventions, social norms Unavoidable component of intuition/judgment Require methods to buffer against potential costs of such subjectivity Distribute judgment to many individuals instead of one Specifically individuals with experience in research Research ethics Institutional Review Board (IRB) All studies to be conducted on humans must receive human subjects approval Human subjects review Primary criteria for study approval is cost/benefit analysis of research to be conducted: Benefits: knowledge to be gained Basic science Practical applications Costs: duress (physical psychological) inflicted on subject Costs: duress (physical, psychological) inflicted on subjects
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8/28/2010 2 Research requirements Informed consent: subjects must be told in reasonable detail what will be expected of them/what they will be exposed to in a study Does not require statement of research hypotheses What would be an issue if it did? If deception is required for aims to study to be achieved (no reasonable alternative), then may be employed After experiment is concluded, subjects should be debriefed as to purpose of study Research ethics Most basic question in research ethics – what constitutes an appropriate design to study a particular hypothesis? Controversial examples:
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Research_ethics_-_notes_version - 8/28/2010 Research ethics...

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