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http://www.tagged.com/friends.html?uid=5430557172#filterpg=All_0 German-Jordanian University Industrial Engineering Department Material Science Lab (IE2210) Fall 2007 Dr. Safwan A. Altarazi, Eng. Nidal Ha’boush, Eng. Abeer Daood Student Name: Nayef Fawaier 2008103042 Experiment Title: Hardness test. Out of Mark Title 10 Abstract 15 Introduction 15 Method 30 Results 20 Discussion and Conclusion 10 Report Organization and Neatness 100 Total Mark
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IE2210 Abstract Hardness test : resistance of metal plastic deformation Some of Hardness tests are: 1. Brinell 2. Vickers 3. Rockwell In Brinell test we use 10mm sphere of steel. In Vickers we use pyramid shaped diamond In Rockwell we use diamond cone or spheres Introduction Hardness is the resistance of a metal plastic deformation usually by indentation. It is a property of metal, which gives it the ability to resist being permanently. In other way hardness is the resistance of scratching. The values of hardness give us general indication of the strength of the material. Method
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