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Toughness - German-Jordanian University Industrial...

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German-Jordanian University Industrial Engineering Department Material Science Lab (IE2210) Fall 2007 Dr. Safwan A. Altarazi, Eng. Nidal Ha’boush, Eng. Abeer Daood Student Name: Nayef Fawaier 2008103042 Experiment Title: Toughness Test (Impact strength). Out of Mark Title 10 Abstract 15 Introduction 15 Method 30 Results 20 Discussion and Conclusion 10 Report Organization and Neatness 100 Total Mark
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Material Science Lab. IE2210 Abstract Toughness is how much energy could the material absorbed before fracture and there are two test to measure the toughness 1. Izod test 2. Charpy test… discussing method of the Izod test then run the experiment using the pendulum machine. Introduction This test is designed to give information on how a specimen of known material will respond to a suddenly applied stress. It was designed to determine the suitability of various metals to be used as cutting tool. The toughness test involves a pendulum with a known weight at the end of its arm swinging down and striking the specimen. The absorbed
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