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STUDY OUTLINE Film consists of thousands of FRAMES projected in rapid succession. FRAMES are still images. “Persistence of Vision ” —the theory that image lingers briefly on the retina even after the image has disappeared from sight. Film Art argues that this is not an adequate explanation, that if this were true, we would see a jumble of superimposed images. Instead, Film Art argues for an explanation of film viewing that involves CRITICAL FLICKER FUSION and APPARENT MOTION. THE FILM APPARATUS: PROJECTOR, CAMERA, PRINTER, EMULSION, BASE, SPROCKETS. GAUGE: the width of the film—8 mm, 16 mm, 35 mm, 70 mm. The wider the gauge, generally the better the quality, because the wider film allows more definition and detail. The 3 Parts of the Film Industry: PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION, EXHIBITION. Parts of the Film’ s Production: 1. Preproduction—acquiring funding for production, developing the idea for a film. 2. Production—The filmmaker creates images in the form of SHOTS. A SHOT is a series of frames produced by the camera in an uninterrupted operation. The filmmaker also records sounds, consisting of dialogue, noises or music. 3. Postproduction—The images and sounds are combined in their final form. This involves cutting picture and sound, executing special effects, adding music or extra dialogue, and adding titles. Some principle players in film production: DIRECTOR, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, SCRIPT SUPERVISOR, CAST, CINEMATOGRAPHER (DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY), CAMERA OPERATOR. In post-production, EDITORS take over the film to cut it into final form. FILM FORM: The overall system of relations that we can perceive among the elements
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filmexam1 - STUDY OUTLINE Film consists of thousands of...

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