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MATH 137 Calculus 1 Fall 2010 Course objective MATH 137 is intended to deepen your understanding of calculus that you began to learn in high school. We will treat the subject in greater depth, involving more care with deFnitions, more proofs of the results, more subtle examples, and a number of new topics. Textbook Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 6th Edition , by James Stewart, is the textbook for this course. The book, which can be bought at the campus bookstore, comes with a Students’ Solutions Manual for the odd numbered problems. This book will also be used for your second calculus course, MATH 138. Prerequisites You are supposed to be familiar with a variety of functions, including polynomial, rational, power, trigonometric, and exponential functions. You should know how to calculate some basic derivatives and interpret their geometric meaning. You need some skills at sketching the graphs of simple functions. As well, skill with algebraic manipulations and inequalities will help signiFcantly. You may want to review Appendix A–C of the textbook on your own if you have forgotten a lot of high school mathematics. UW-ACE The MATH 137 web page on UW-ACE will contain a wealth of information about our course. In particular, it will contain the weekly written assignments and (after you have submitted them) their solutions, course announcements, and other useful items about MATH 137. To Fnd UW-ACE go to: or you can click on it from the University’s home page. Weekly assignments On most weeks, there will be a homework assignment consisting of two parts. Online part, which is due at 4 pm on Thursday: You will Fnd this part at Handwritten part, which is due at 11 am on ±riday: You will Fnd this part at the UW-ACE course page under the “Content” link. You must submit your work into the correct dropbox outside MC 4066. 1
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The frst assignments are due on September 23 and 24. OF course, many oF you will need help with the assignments From time to time. This help can come From the TA’s in Mathematics ±aculty Tutorial Centre (MC 4066), the TA’s in Mackenzie King Village multipurpose room (evenings and weekends), instructor oFfce hours, and also From your Fellow students. BeFore seeking help, make an honest eFFort to solve each problem on your own. IF you received help From Fellow students, you must write down the names oF those students on the frst page oF your handwritten assignment. This acknowledgment will not aFFect your assignment grade. At times you may be tempted to blindly copy someone else’s assignment solutions
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Math 137 Syllabus - MATH 137 Course objective Calculus 1...

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