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Hist_1000_Study_Guide - What changes occurred in Greek...

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HIST 1000 Study Guide – Exam One Key Terms and Concepts: Hoplite Oligarchy Polis Democracy Helot Ostracism Phalanx Tyrant Iliad and Odyssey Panhellenic Games Important Persons: Plato Homer Aeschylus Leonidas Cyselpus Sophocles Draco Solon Aristophanes Socrates Herodotus Pericles Thucydides Xerxes Darius Some potential questions: What are the leading characteristics of Greek religious beliefs? What culture(s) had tales describing an Epic Flood? How did the Athenians use ostracism? Where was the first Democracy of the Ancient World? What functions did Greek women perform outside the home? What changes occurred in Greek society during the Archaic Age?
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Unformatted text preview: What changes occurred in Greek Society during the Greek Dark Age? What are some of the causes for these changes? What were the consequences of the Persian Wars? What were the consequences of the Peloponnesian War? What were the foundations of the Spartan way of life? Where and when (what Age) did the Greeks found their colonies? Which Greek authors founded the Western tradition of writing history? Where is Sparta located? At what age did Spartan boys begin their training?...
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