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hydro power projects in pak

hydro power projects in pak - World energy consumption is...

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World energy consumption is rapidly increasing with an increase in population and urbanisation. The shortage of energy is the axis around which world politics spins and despite gigantic research efforts, the enigma of want of energy still remains unsolved. Historically, economic growth has been highly correlated with electrical energy use. The per capita energy consumption is an indicator to measure the prosperity of any society. It is approximately 500 KWh in Pakistan whereas the world average is 2500 KWh which is five times greater than that of ours. This evidently indicates that Pakistan is an energy-deficient country. The total available capacity of electrical generation in Pakistan is 14000 MW and the country is facing a shortfall of 4000 MW in the present summer. The share of thermal power in our electrical energy supply mix had been around 51 percent followed by hydropower with 45 percent in 1980, but this proportion changed due to the power policy of 1994 which unjustly emphasised thermal power generation over hydroelectric power. Currently, Pakistan is critically dependent on
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