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Jason Wilcox International Business Assignment 5 Question 1: With more and more companies engaging in international operations more and more employees may find themselves outside their comfort zone in a foreign country. This used to be the stepping stone for many future executives to prepare them to soon take control a major aspect of the company. However recently companies have learned that it is more beneficial to market these types of jobs to younger workers within the company because this demographic is normally not tied down or set in his/her ways. Another demographic companies are going after are those employees who have grown children because at the stage in their life the spouse is more willing to pack up and move with. Another way companies are making it more attractive to become an expatriate is by shortening the length of stay to less than a year. In the past companies had some workers abroad for more than 18 months whereas recently a expatriate could expect a stay from 6- 8 months. Not only is moving overseas for a job stressful on the expatriate but it is just if not more stressful for the spouse or the expatriate. The trailing spouse might be employed full time and have the couple would be used to having two incomes to supplement their lifestyle. Now a spouse has to worry about finding a job close to that of his/her partner. Companies have realized the amount of strain this puts on families and has developed quite a few pay incentives to lessen the burden on the family. Not only does this benefit
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Wilcox-IB-SP10-A5 - Jason Wilcox International Business...

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