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Case 34 Fortune Magazine

Case 34 Fortune Magazine - Jason Wilcox Case#34 Business...

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Jason Wilcox Case #34 Business Policy Fortune Magazine is a publication division of Time Warner, and covers business and economics around the world. Fortune magazine has been published for 75 years and more recently has turned to the internet to reach out to more customers who like to receive information in a electronic mode instead of the traditional print form. Past sales have showed that Fortune Magazine was mostly read by males, and that the initial launch was back in the Great Depression. Fortune has been known for there upfront truthful stories to give people the most up to date economic news that effects the world. Fortune’s mission as stated in the text was to become “a global magazine and world-class brand.” Although they launched in an economic turmoil, Fortune envisioned being able to explain how the world really worked to a generally educated man or woman. Fortune Magazine is current situation is as more and more people are reading article online and on there web enabled cell phones Fortune is trying to remain the leader in providing top notch economic stories. The current economy crisis we are facing will prove to be a crucial time in predicting the future of economic magazines. The competitors such as Forbes and Business week are trying to come out on top during a time when the majority of Americans are looking for financial guidance. And just like every other company right now Fortune is trying to cut expenses to balance out for the tough economic times. Fortune magazine is relying on each of its department supervisors to ensure that money is not wasted.
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SWOT Analysis Strengths: The most obvious strength that Fortune magazine has over its competitors is the length of time they have been publishing a economic magazine. Fortune has been on the market for over 75 years and has seen its share of financial up’s and downs. They have the experience on what readers want during a recession as well as what readers want to know when the economy is booming. The second strength is that of financial security that Fortune has. They are a company within a company, meaning that global media leader Time Warner is the parent company to not only Fortune Magazine but also People, Time, and Sports Illustrated. Time Warner has some of the most top notch magazines on the rack today and with that type of senior management Fortune definitely has the tools to remain on top. For readers the strength that Fortune brings to the table is the ability to understand businesses and how they function and operate. Even 75 years ago Fortune writers and editors produced pieces that were designed for people to have a better understanding on how to make there money work for them by using companies real stories to paint the picture. By doing this Fortune expanded its audience to more people besides those who were highly educated in the business and economic fields. Weaknesses:
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Case 34 Fortune Magazine - Jason Wilcox Case#34 Business...

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