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Jason Wilcox Spanish and Culture Project 3: Biography Forward: I took my love for the game of golf and the project of finding a famous person from a Spanish-speaking country to create a one of kind biography that allow me to combine a written project with my own personal interests. Once thought as the “next big thing to the PGA”, “ a person to challenge Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia seemed to have a long bright steady future in professional golf with so many quotes surrounding him he had to live up to all of them putting even more pressure on the young golfer from Spain. When your nickname growing up was “el Niño” which means the boy who know who have big shoes to fill and some believe that the expectations that people put on him ended up hurting him because when he could not fulfill those expectations quick enough he felt a failure. Although he has remained within the top ten of the Official World Golf Rankings most golf analysts and senior reporters continue to talk about how Sergio Garcia has not stepped his game up to the level he should be at which is contending for tournaments week in and week out. Sergio Garcia Fernandez was born on January 9, 1980 in Castellon, Spain and at two years of age would take a broom handle and mimic his fathers swing. From the early age of three you could not pry a golf club out of the young child’s hand. His first teacher was his father Victor Garcia who had worked as a caddy in the early 1960’s. His father loved the game but in Spain at the time caddies were not allowed on the course to play golf only to carry clubs of other. Mr. Garcia would sneak onto the course early in the morning before it would open or stay late and play as the sun went down. He tried to become a professional golfer on the European circuit but found that he was a much better instructor than a player which allowed him to pass on all his
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knowledge and teachings to his most important students, his children. Golf was in the Garcia boy’s blood as Sergio’s older brother by 3 years; Victor first got Sergio to notice the game. As most children are starting to develop motor skills and hand eye coordination young Sergio was out winning golf tournament after golf tournament and usually playing up in age since most children his age were not competing at that age. Sergio Garcia was able to capture the Club Championship in his hometown competing against men twice and even three times his age. His golf accomplishments at such a young age also include the being the youngest golfer to make a
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Project 3 - Jason Wilcox Spanish and Culture Project 3:...

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