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GuideQsforHW - Questions for Chapter 2.1 p 25-26 p.38 The...

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Questions for Chapter 2.1, p. 25-26, p.38 The Chemical Basis of Life DO NOT TURN THIS IN! Answer these questions in order to complete the homework. Do not write out whole sentences- focus on the information and on translating the text into something that makes sense to you. You may skip Fig. 2.2 and 2.9. I. Atoms 1. What four atoms are most abundant in living organisms? 2. What are the components of atoms and how they are organized? 3. If an atom is electrically neutral, what can you infer about it? 4. Each element has a characteristic number of _______________________. 5. What are isotopes? 6. What is the significance of the number of electrons in the outermost shell in an atom? 7. The first electron shell can hold a maximum of ______ electrons; each shell after that holds a maximum of _____ electrons.
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