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Physics 409: Classical Mechanics Fall ‘10 26 October Lecture schedule : 28 October:: Chap. 5, Sec. 5.5, 5.6 2 November: Chap. 5, Sec. 7; Review Session for Ch. 4, 3:30-6, Rm. 202 4 November: Chapter Test #4 on Ch. 4 For Test #4 you should know or be able to do, among other things: a. how to define Euler angles b. orthogonal transformations c. find components of the angular velocity vector d. rate of change of a vector formula e. Coriolis force effects on motion Reading tips for 2 Nov. (Sec 5.7) : What is a heavy symmetric top? Along which axis does the torque lie? What kind of motions do the terms “precession” and “nutation” describe for the heavy top? What conditions define regular (or uniform) precession? Homework Set #10: Due Tuesday, 2 November (1) A uniform (solid) right circular cone of mass M , height h , and base diameter 2 a is positioned with its vertex at the origin of a coordinate system. Calculate all moments of inertia . Find the ratio a / h for which the inertia ellipsoid of the cone is a sphere. (2)
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