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Eng 11.29.10 - The reason I chose this quote is because I wanted to get my thoughts together on what had just happened I feel shocked because the

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Madiha Qureshy World Literature 11.29.10 “.. Duke Guido had reached the age of twenty, he fell sick of the gout, which grew upon him with grievous pain, and in short time so crippled all his members that he could not stand upon his feet or move.” Page 2553 As the story is being narrated you learn about Italy and a Great lord named Duke Federico. The description that was given about Italy and Duke Federico is marvelous. It describes Italy very well and the place Urbino where the king ruled. He was being described as a great king who did many great things. The Story then talks about how Duke died and how the palace was left to rule to his 10 year old son named Guidobaldo. The story I believed started off great and had a tragic moments one after another.
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Unformatted text preview: The reason I chose this quote is because I wanted to get my thoughts together on what had just happened. I feel shocked because the King was a great guy and he died soon after and his Son was only 10 years old when handed the kingdom. I believe it is a very young age to hand down someone with such a great responsibility. When I was 10 I barely knew anything about the world. Not only Guidobaldo handled his palace without his dad but he was also motherless. The need of mother and father is I feel is very essential to every child especially at a young age so they don’t have to miss out on parents love. He took great care of his palace but it was really unfortunate he fell sick and got paralyzed at the age of 20....
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