Syllabus F10R - AMS 315 Data Analysis Fall Semester, 2010...

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AMS 315 Data Analysis Fall Semester, 2010 Class: Tuesday, Thursday, 3:50-5:10, Melville Library, W4550 Instructor: Stephen Finch Office Hours: Tuesday: 5:20-6:20, Thursday: 5:20-6:20, and by appointment. There will be extra office hours the week before each examination. These will be announced in class. My office is in the Mathematics Tower, Room 1-118. Phone: 632-8369. My e-mail is Text: Ott, R.L., Longnecker, M. (2009). Statistical Methods and Data Analysis, Stony Brook University Edition . Pacific Grove, CA: Duxbury. There is a sixth edition that I will assign problems from. I will ask the TA to post a copy of the assignments on the class Blackboard You will not suffer much of a loss if you get an older edition. Examination Requirements There will be two in-class examinations (one on Thursday, October 21 and the second on Thursday, December 2) and a final examination on Tuesday, December 14, from 5:15 am until 7:45 p.m. Each examination is comprehensive. Example problems for examinations will be made available. You may use your text and an approved calculator in the examination provided that you permit the proctor to inspect them during the examination. You may also use notes, but these notes must be stapled or taped to the text. Any tables and graphs that are not in your text but needed to solve problems will be provided. You may not use any other assistance during the examination. The examination component of your grade, E , will be calculated by the rule E 1 +E 2 +E F . The scale of points will be proportional to 80 for the in-class examinations and 150 for the final examination. The dates of the examinations are:
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This note was uploaded on 12/19/2010 for the course AMS 315 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '08 term at SUNY Stony Brook.

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Syllabus F10R - AMS 315 Data Analysis Fall Semester, 2010...

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