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Problem Set 1 1.1 . The charge density for a hydrogenic p state can be written as r , 2 3 e a 0 3 64 r a 0 2 exp r a 0 P 0 cos P 2 cos  # e 4.8 10 10 statCoulomb , a 0 0.529 10 8 cm . (a) Determine the multipole moments of this charge distribution and give the potential for large r in terms of these moments. (b) Dtermine the potential, near the origin, correct to order r 2 . (c) Determine the interaction energy with a nuclear quadrupole moment, Q 10 24 cm 2 , located at at the origin. 1.2 : Obtain the transverse and longitudinal components of the current densities:
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Unformatted text preview: a j r , t Re e i t i z a 2 z a 2 x y k b j r , t Re e i t i z b , cylindrical coordinates (c) For each current density obtain the related charge density (charge conservation) and the potential which vanishes at points infinitely far from the charges. (d) Verify that Eq. 1.42 is correct....
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