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Problem Set 6 Fall 2008: Ionic Crystal. 1. Using (MathCAD program) provided for the ionic crystal, examine the form for E ( z , t ) in NaBr . [Note: the template is set up for KBr ] Use a static dielectric constant = 5.78, an optical dielectric constant: = 2.64 and a transverse optical (TO) resonant frequency at 134 cm 1 . Your problem set submission should include a print out of your entire MathCAD program. For each plot requested below include a figure caption (in words) similar to what would be appropriate for publication in The Physical Review. You can do the latter either in the MathCAD program or copy the plot, paste on a doc file and type the caption. In the following o = 2 / T = one period of the TO resonant oscillation, and z o = c 2 / T = distance light travels in o The Report should include the following:: a ) A plot of the Gaussian function for the incident electric field pulse centered at o = 5 T ,with a width of 0.6
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