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MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS I: MATH 402 Instructor: Dr. Barbara Hale [email protected] Office : 205 Physics Hours: Tuesday, Thursday P.M. Text: None is required. If you wish to buy a book to brush up on your background, "Mathematical Methods for Physicists", 5 th Edition, by George Arfken and Hans J. Weber, Harcourt/Academic Press, New York 2001, is a good choice. A set of notes will be handed out and will serve as a text. A list of books for reference is attached. Course Outline: I. Vector Spaces II. General Coordinate Transformations III. Vector Analysis IV. Tensors V. Differential Equations and Special Functions VI. Three Dimensional Green's Functions (time permitting) Problem Sets: approximately one problem set per week; these will be graded and returned with solutions. Exams: There will be three exams plus a comprehensive final. Grading: Each regular exam: 100 points Final exam: 150 points Problem Set Average: 100 points A student who improves consistently during the semester and receives an A on the final exam can earn an A in the course. Otherwise, an average is used to determine the final grade. In the past, an 85% average = A. You will find that solutions to some of the problem sets are available from students who have taken the course in recent years. I have no objection to your looking at a solution after you have worked diligently to develop your own. If you run into trouble, I suggest that you look briefly at the solution, then put it away and try to write out your own version. Your solution should not be a copy. If you need help, please come to see me and I will help you get started. It is most important that you understand how to do the problems. Past experience has shown that copying solutions does not give students enough practice to pass the exams (which are comprehensive and tend to be long).
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Syllabus of Mathematical Physics I (Math 402) (University of Missouri-Rolla) (This course is based on a set of notes developed to give the students mathematical "tools" for problem solving. Several references are suggested, but no text is required. All students receive copies of the notes and (after grading) solutions to problems and exams.) I. Vector Spaces Definitions of field, vector space, inner product, norm, metric; unitary vector space, normed vector space, orthogonality, Schmidt orthogonalization procedure, linear independence, completeness; basis vectors, dimension; linear transformations, powers of operators; Hermitian conjugate, Hermitian orthogonal and unitary operators; three dimensional Euclidian space; transformations between Cartesian coordinate systems: Euler angle rotations. II.
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M402-1-cover-pgs - MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS I: MATH 402...

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