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Unformatted text preview: IV-30 The Dirac Delta Function, δ(x-xo) Dirac Delta Function In one dimension, δ(x-xo) is defined to be such that: ma to b f(x) δ(x-xo)dx / + *0 if xo is not in [a,b]. *½f(xo) if xo = a or b; *f(xo) if xo ε (a,b). . Properties of δ(x-xo): (you should know those marked with *) *1. δ(x-xo) = 0 *2. m-4 to +4 δ(x)dx if x … xo =1 3. δ(ax) = δ(x)/|a| *4. δ(-x) = δ(x) 5. δ(x²-a²) = [δ(x-a) + δ(x+a)]/(2a); a $ 0 +------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------**7. δ(g(x)) = 3i δ(x-xoi)/|dg/dx|x=xoi where g(xoi) = 0 and dg/dx exists at and in a region around xoi. .------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6. m-4 to +4 δ(x-a)δ(x-b)dx = δ(a-b) *8. f(x)δ(x-a) = f(a)δ(x-a) 9. δ(x) is a "symbolic" function which provides convenient notation for many mathematical expressions. Often one "uses" δ(x) in expressions which are not integrated over. However, it is understood that eventually these expressions will be integrated over so that the definition of δ (box above) applies. 10. No ordinary function having exactly the properties of δ(x) exists. However, one can approximate δ(x) by the limit of a sequence of (non-unique) functions, δn(x). Some examples of δn(x) which work are given below. In all these cases, m-4 to +4 δn(x)dx = 1 œ n and limitn --> 4 m-4 to +4 δn(x-xo)f(x)dx = f(xo). œ n. + *0 *n *0 . (a) δn(x) / for x < -1/(2n) for -1/(2n) # x # 1/(2n) for x > 1/(2n) (b) δn(x) / n//π exp[-n²x²] (c) δn(x) / (n//π)· 1/(1 + n²x²) = (d) δn(x) / sin(nx)/πx [1/(2π)]m-n to n exp(ixt)dt ...
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