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Challenges of a Paper Three Challenges There are many challenges that could arise when writing a paper. One of them is having writers block. This is where the writer cannot think of anything to write. Many writers think writers block is just in your head and does not really exist, this could be because of the fact that they have never experienced it. I think this is the number one challenge when trying to write a paper. Another challenge that might arise when writing a paper is trying to use correct grammar. The use of correct grammar is important so people can better understand what you writing. Correct grammar is the way someone speaks in their own language. Even though it sounds simple you need to understand how the language works, how the meaning is made, and how it is broken. Finally, another challenge that might arise is sentence structure. Sentence structure is the way a sentence is composed using proper grammar and punctuation Sentence structure is important because the reader is not able to see your facial expressions or hear the tone
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