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Check point: Measuring Personality An objective test as I see it is a test that has a set number of answers that a person can choose from so that it can be accurately checked and measure an individuals personality. This type of test would be in a form of a survey with A,B,C answers or a true or false answer. A projective test would be a test that is given that has no true or false answer, it is a test of objects that represent nothing more than shapes and an individual puts there own perspectives and emotions into the test to decide what the shapes represent to them, which may not be the same as it is to someone else. The first test I am going to choose is the ink blot test. The ink blot test is a test that
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Unformatted text preview: shows a person deeper or inner personality. There are no right or wrong answers to this test it is a test that is to see what a person is feeling or thinking on a deeper level. This test can also determine if a person might be schizophrenic or have bipolar disorder. The second test I am going to choose I researched and took online. It is know as the Myers-Briggs test. This test was designed to find out how people see the world and how they decide things. The test has a given set of answers to choose from, and then tells what an individuals personality is. This test has yes or no answers....
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