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Effects of Stress - also lose sleep because of the...

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The first thing I would experience is the alarm reaction phase. The symptoms of the alarm reaction stage are elevated heart rate, fast breathing, tension in the muscles. The second phase I would experience is the resistance phase. The resistance phase comes into effect when the alarm reaction phase does not resolve the threat. The symptoms of the reaction phase are irritability, the mind and body becoming tired, and the inability to concentrate on the task at hand. The third and finale stage I would experience is the exhaustion phase. This is when the mind and body become burned out. In this phase stress stays elevated and continues to climb thus creating medical illnesses. The effect of this stress could be migraines, sleeplessness, and anxiety. When I become stressed about situation such as these I grow nervous and anxious about disappointing the people that expect me to complete the task at hand. I begin to think that I will not be able to complete the task at hand correctly or on time, which causes me to have migraines. I
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Unformatted text preview: also lose sleep because of the inability to calm my mind from thinking how I will effectively complete my work on time. If this stress is not resolved quickly I could experience many health problems. Prolonged stress can cause me to have a weakened immune system, I could become depressed, have elevated blood pressure, and become overly tired. I will also experience continued migraines, and body aches. Some of the techniques I could use to alleviate these stresses would be to talk to family and friends. If one could find or start a support group on workplace stress it would drastically alleviate stress. I think that meditation and breathing techniques would be helpful. Starting out the day telling myself I will not be stressed today is a very good start to alleviating stress. Finally if none of this helps I could talk to a counselor and get there opinion regarding what I could do to rid myself of some of the stress I am feeling....
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