HIS113-4 The Fur Trade Part 2

HIS113-4 The Fur Trade Part 2 - The Fur Trade The Fur Trade...

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Unformatted text preview: The Fur Trade The Fur Trade Part II – 1760­1860 Lecture Four History 113 The Fur Trade after 1760 The Fur Trade after 1760 Defeat of the French and the American Revolution Changes in Balance of Power in NA Impact on the Fur Trade: New Traders – Scottish, English, American French Canadiens in the Trade Fur trade expands into North west Increased competition European Control in NA European Control in NA 1750 and 1763 North America 1790s North America 1790s The Fur Trade after 1790s The Fur Trade after 1790s Competition and anarchy in NW HBC monopoly Cutthroat competition Increased violence and anarchy Response to Problems of Competition Expansion of fur trade Merger – Northwest Company 1779 Fur Trade Expansion Fur Trade Expansion The North West Company The North West Company Operation of NWC Partnership – Montreal based Merchants “Wintering” partners Annual Meeting Simon McTavish Alexander Mackenzie (picture) Expansion and exploration HBC/NWC Rivalry HBC/NWC Rivalry Competition Continues Further Expansion Violence and Anarchy in NW Selkirk Colony Battle of Seven Oaks 1816 Consolidation of NWC and HBC 1821 HBC Fur Trade Posts (picture) Fur Trade after 1821 Fur Trade after 1821 Monopoly of HBC Consolidation and Re­structuring George Simpson Competition and Illegal Trade Pacific Trade Expansion in to British Columbia End of an Era ...
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