HIS113-6 Farming and Resources- Upper and Lower Canada

HIS113-6 Farming and Resources- Upper and Lower Canada -...

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Unformatted text preview: Farming and Resources Farming and Resources Upper and Lower Canada Lecture Six History 113 Ontario and Quebec after 1760 Ontario and Quebec after 1760 Brief History from 1760­1870 Quebec (Lower Canada) French Canadien Population Growth of Agriculture and Timber Ontario (Upper Canada) Formed after American Revolution Growth of Agriculture, Timber, Industry BNA Colonies 1791 BNA Colonies 1791 Merchant Economy Merchant Economy Merchants dominate trade economy Opportunity – Removal of French and Military Economy Example: George Allsopp Example: Richard Hamilton (Ontario – Early 1800s) Timber Industry Timber Industry Important Staple Export Operation of Timber Industry Colonial Merchants – Invest in Trade and Production Pioneer Entrepreneurs Example: Philemon Wright (Sawmill and tavern) Timber Workers Sawmilling ­ Lumber Sawmilling ­ Lumber Industry develops around 1850 Free Trade (Britain & U.S.) Upper Canada­U.S. Trade routes Example: William Price Impact of timber/lumber on economy Initiates economic growth and development Agriculture in UC Agriculture in UC 75% of population Development of Farm Economy Productive by 1830s, 1840s Land Shortages Importance of Wheat/Export? Profitable – Surplus Initiates Economic Growth and Development Agriculture in LC Agriculture in LC Dominant economic activity Subsistence – Unprofitable? “Crisis” by 1815 Land Shortage Wealth of Agriculture in Hands of the Elite (Habitant family) ...
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