HIS113-8 Business and the State 1867-1885

HIS113-8 Business and the State 1867-1885 - Business and...

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Unformatted text preview: Business and the State Business and the State 1867­1885 Lecture Eight History 113 Business and the State Business and the State Confederation 1867 Formed modern nation of Canada Economic Goals – To create a national economic structure Business and Government allied “Partnership” of Business and the State Canada 1867 Canada 1867 Confederation Confederation Business Interests and Confederation Railway Promoters and the Idea of a Large Nation connected by Rail Inter­colonial and Trans­continental Railroad Grand Trunk Railroad Economic Policy after 1867 Economic Policy after 1867 Nation­Building Policies 1867­1885 “National Policy” – To unite and build the nation through economic goals Railway Development Inter­Colonial Railway Support in Maritimes Completed in 1876 Failure? National Policy National Policy Trans­continental Railway Canadian Pacific Railroad – To unite the country physically and economically CPR Scandal Government subsidies and nationalism Limits to business/government partnership Concepts of “conflict of interest” National Policy National Policy CPR Building the CPR Public/Private partnership Necessity of Government aid National Policy National Policy Tariffs – Protective tariffs for manufactured goods Introduced 1878 Idea of Tariffs (Goals) Support and Opposition to tariffs Favours Central Canada Impact on Maritimes? ...
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