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Hist 1000 notes 1-29-08 Roman Expansion Romans believed they were successful because they respected the Gods’ will Believing that the gods supported defensive wars as just, the Romans insisted that they fought only in self-defense, even when they attacked first Sack of Rome by Gauls (end of 4 th century BCE) Temporary military setback that made Romans forever fearful of foreign invasions Combination of brutality and diploma The worst enemies were either enslaved or forced to surrender most of their land
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Unformatted text preview: • In most cases the former enemies were given generous peace terms • Some Italian peoples were allowed either to become Roman citizens or to gain a limited citizenship • Conquered people did not have to pay taxes, but had to give military aid in future wars for which they received a share of the booty • In this way the Romans were able to co-opt their former enemies and to extend their...
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