Week 3 Individual Assingment ANOVA

Week 3 Individual Assingment ANOVA - APPLYIG ANOVA 1...

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APPLYIG ANOVA Applying ANOVA and Nonparametric Tests Simulation Jonathan Chretien University of Phoenix RES 342 Mary Hodges May 30, 2010 1
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APPLYIG ANOVA This week’s simulation of applying ANOVA and nonparametric tests involved simulating a four-month analysis of Praxidike Systems and how using these tests can have an effect on any organization. Praxidike Systems was asked to test samples to help a crop owner determine why his crops are not providing results similar to a neighbor. Praxidike is an organization that provides its services to a wide range of other organizations in order to help determine the cause of organizations problems. This simulation involved analyzing many different variables and the effects that those variables and the decisions made. During the simulation, one was required to choose which method of testing to use and then choose which operational suggestions based on their results best fits the situation. After completing the simulation, I learned three lessons relative to ANOVA and nonparametric testing. One lessons learned today during the simulation was when to use the Kruskal-Wallis test
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Week 3 Individual Assingment ANOVA - APPLYIG ANOVA 1...

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