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vocab - Obstreperous loud Ominous threatening Omnipotent...

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Aggregate- sum Ascend- move up Bulwarks- a strong defense Cajole- persuade Congeal- solidify Desolate- deserted Dexterous- skilled with hands Diligent- attentive Dubious- not clear Eschew- avoid Fervent- show emotion Hue- color Impale- pierce Impregnable- unconquerable Impute- blame Incessant- constant Induce- cause Infallible- perfect Insularity- narrow minded Interminable- no end Irresolute- unsure Malice- wants to hurt others Metaphysical- abstract
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Unformatted text preview: Obstreperous- loud Ominous- threatening Omnipotent- unlimited Pedestrian- ordinary Perdition- hell Perennial- for many years Portent- sign Prevalent- dominant Prodigious- enormous Propriety- correct conduct Revere- honor Reverie- daydreaming Sanctify- purify Sentinel- guard Sublime- noble Summon- to request fir Tarry- linger Tempestuous- stormy Tepid- warm Urbane- elegant Venerate- honor Warranted- justify...
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