apchem121210 - David Kim Physics 321:

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David Kim Pd. 7-8 Physics 12/12/10 321: 16,28,30,32,34,38,58,60,66,68,70,74,80,86,90 16. Explain the photoelectric effect. Photoelectric effect is when light strikes a metal surface, and electrons are emitted. 28. In the hydrogen atom, what is the physical significance of the state for which n = ∞ and E = 0? When it is in this state, it means that the electron is completely removed from the nucleus of the atom. 30. Many more anhydrous lithium salts are hygroscopic than those of the other alkali metals. Explain. They are more hygroscopic because since the lithium is smaller, it has a high charge density than the other alkali metals and that means the polar water molecules are more strongly attracted to the lithium ions. 32. An FM radio station broadcasts at 99.5 MHz. Calculate the wavelength of the corresponding radio waves. (9.95 X 10 7 Hz) Λ = 3.00 X 10 8 m/s Λ = 3.02 m 34. A photon of UV light possesses enough energy to mutate a strand of human DNA. What is the energy of a single UV photon and a mole of UV photons having a wavelength of 25 nm? (2.5 X 10
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apchem121210 - David Kim Physics 321:

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