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David Kim APUSH Period 2 Pictures Document 1. In what ways do these photographs reveal aspects of modern warfare and total war? The damage shown in picture of Gettysburg, Fredericksburg and Antietam shows the power the weapons the Americans had. There were the destructions of houses and obliterations of cities. 2. What do they reveal about the people, including the photographers themselves, involved in or affected by armed conflict? It reveals that there was devastation and it was sad and dark time in the country. There would be bodies in the pile of rubble and people who are brutally injured.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Do these photographs illuminate the reality of war? Do they romanticize war? I think it exaggerates the reality of war a bit and only shows the broken cities and people. It does not show the happiness of the soldiers winning or something similar to that. 4. How could a photographic record of a scene affect someone’s interpretation of an historical event? If written history was lost and only photographs remained, it can seem like a certain group of people were oppressed when they weren’t or the conditions were worse than it originally was....
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