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David Kim APUSH 11/27/10 Pd.2 Between 1840 and 1860, the United States expanded greatly for many reasons. Some of these reasons are different for each group of people in the United States at that time. The reason for the expansion is due to immigration, slavery and an idea. Starting from 1847, the emigration of the Irish to the US was enormous. The potato famine in Ireland was the cause of this. These potatoes were part of their main diet, and there weren’t a huge variety of potatoes, so that led to a rapid spread of disease which left millions hungry and in famine. The immigrants who had come off the boats were conned and treated poorly. They had to live in certain tenements with ten other people in which it was easy to spread disease. Also, the jobs they could get were limited to unskilled jobs in which they did mostly physical labor. They eventually took some of the jobs from the American born Caucasians which caused some of the Americans to want to move to the west. There was overpopulation in Boston and New York that the
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