Essay 2 - David Kim Elcos Writing Essay#2 Sometimes in life there are times when people need to change When people experience pains and obstacles

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David Kim Elcos Writing Essay #2 Sometimes in life, there are times when people need to change. When people experience pains and obstacles, it motivates people to change. This change is to improve people’s lifestyles and habits. The catalyst for this can be seen in the life of a friend and in American history. Last year my friend had a boyfriend that she thought was the greatest in the world. In the beginning of the relationship, they were the “perfect” couple. They seemed cute together and really trusted each other. But five months into their relationship, there was a predicament. The boyfriend was being overprotective of the girl’s life and began to slowly influence her for his benefit. He convinced her by saying that since they love each other, they should only have each other and no one else. He isolated her from her friends and her parents. But the girl just accepted this because she thought she loved him. One day in May, they got into an argument because the girl talked to her friends online. He
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