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David Kim APUSH Period 2 11/16/10 Declaration of Sentiments of the American Anti-Slavery Society 1. The abolitionists at the convention believed that their work continued the Revolution. They thought of it more value than the Revolution because these abolitionists felt that they had to finish the jobs that their fathers did by creating everyone as equals. 2. The sentiments illustrate romanticism because they push away the industrial so that they can be able to embrace the nature. Also they say that everyone is equal. Also they have a trust in God which is both religious and can also be romantic. They believe in the
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Unformatted text preview: divine. 3. The guilt laid more heavily on the US because it was a free country and free states that should have removed slavery for moral and political action because they said it in the Constitution of the US. 4. They proposed that there should be Anti-Slavery Societies and they should not be separated. Also, let there be freedom of press and a non-judgmental society. This was similar to what Lydia Maria Child suggested because they wanted immediate action and to create anti-slavery societies....
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