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David Kim Period 2 APUSH 11/15/10 Letters from the Front in the Mexican War 1. Smith felt that an invasion of Mexico was not necessary to secure the annexation of Texas, but just buying the land or making negotiations would suffice. But this did not come true and US went to war. 2. Smith believed that the military action against Mexico would not be quick and easy, but would be instead long and dreary. His forecasts were accurate as the Mexican- American War lasted for two years. 3. Smith thought of Mexico and Mexicans in a non-demeaning way. In one of his letters, as he was in Mexican territory, he noticed the Mexican roads and buildings and thought of it highly compared to the US. He gave the Mexicans respect and was appreciative of
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Unformatted text preview: his surroundings even if he was in war with these people. This revealed that he was not quick to judge and he was not prejudice. He was a person who wanted peace in this world but somehow ended up being in this war. 4. Smith revealed that the US Army is dependent on the country for its supplies and commands. The US Army is also vicious. The recruit volunteers are the majority of the Army and they are used to find the best strategy to win in the war. 5. Smith thinks that the diplomatic negotiations that accompanied military actions were corrupt and not right. He hoped for an ending and a treaty to be finally signed....
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