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David Kim English Period 5 11/13/10 Over the summer, I chose to volunteer at a shelter for women. At first when I started volunteering, it was just for the hours. It was for personal gain and not to actually help these women out. But then I realized that I was so much more privileged than these women. After I realized this, I went to volunteer my body and my skills to do even the little things for the less fortunate. But for me the have this epiphany, I would need to see the way that I can affect these women. For most of the women who lived at this shelter, they have undergone domestic violence or were taken advantage of. I did not know that until one day I was talking with my director. She asked me to go to the market with one of the women who lived at the shelter. I thought of this as mostly a hassle. But, I did not complain and went with this woman. On the way there, we mostly talked about what I wanted to be in the future and if I liked it at the shelter. I liked it, but I did not really get why I did anything. This woman
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