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David Kim APUSH Period 2 10/04/10 Common Sense 1. Some of the “material injuries” the colonies sustained from the dependence of Great Britain was the financial burdens that the Great Britain puts on the colonies would be too great for the colonies, and would make everyone poor. Also, the British would impose more taxes, even after they revoked the Stamp Act of 1765. The strengths in his argument, is his examples of the different “material injuries” the British have called on the colonies. He uses a lot of metaphors and imagery to back up his side. Another strength that he had was that he would also state the opposing side, but would make a good argument against it so that he can shoot down their argument. But one weakness he had was that he constantly states that the British protected them. Though he may have shot this argument down, a constant up-bringing of the British protection can still influence people to go on the side of the British. 2. Paine was correct in saying that “Europe and not England is the parent country of
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