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IOE 310 Fall 2010 Take-Aways for Exam 1 Linear Algebra Gaussian elimination, reduction to echelon form Use EROs to solve a system of linear equations Linear Programs (LPs) and their Properties What is an LP? How to formulate an LP. How to plot a feasible region (of form Ax <= b) in 2-D or 3-D Understand that linear objective function has a gradient perpendicular to the level curves How to solve an LP graphically Interpret critical resources as ones associated with binding constraints Understand sensitivity of solution to changes in objective function Understand why there may be infinite solutions Understand that if a solution exists, then there is an optimal corner point solution Understand relationship between binding constraints and corner points. How many binding constraints does a corner point require? Know upper bound on combinations of basic solutions (including nonfeasible ones) What is LP standard form? Be able to convert to standard form with slack or excess variables.
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