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Sociology Notes Oct. 9 Social Class in the United States Karl Marx introduced us to social class. Marx used the term Bourggoisie is the capitalist class. A member of the class is a bourgeo. Poor-Working Class-Proletariat A member of the working class is the proletarian Life Chances Access to resources such as food, clothing, shelter, education, and health care Systems of stratification Open systems -boundaries between hierarchies may be influenced by peoples achieved status Close system -boundaries between hierarchies are rigid, people’s positions are set bye ascribed status No stratification system is completely opened or closed. Western societies non western societies Cultural focus- science religion and philosophy Spiritual leaders- scientists priests and philosophers Main units - city, nation, industry family, village, town Social control -convention, public opinion, state people, commonwealth,
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Unformatted text preview: church, religion Law-contraction punitive Modernization Theory Low-income, les developed countries can move to middle and high-income economies by achieving self-sustained economic growth. Modernization theory characterized as follows: Traditional societies- social relationships tend to have an affective component-personal, emotional Dependency Theory Poor nations are trapped in a cycle of dependency on richer nations World Systems Theory (Immanuel Wallerstein) How a country is incorporated into the global capitalist economy is the key feature in determining how economic development takes place in that nation. World blank classification of economies Low-income – GNI per capita of $755 or less in 2000 Middle-income – GNI per capita between $756 and $9265 in 2000 High-income – GNI per capita or more than $9266 in 2000...
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