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Coastline Community College Human Physiology LAB (BIOL 175L) Syllabus Summer 2010, 06/21/10 – 08/15/10 Thursday 8:30 am – 3:00 pm Instructor: Remon Wahba, MD E-mail : Lab Book: Lab Guide to Human Physiology by Stuart Ira Fox 13 th Ed. Biopac Manual (Provided by the College) Course Description: This course introduces students to the basic Physiology of different systems of the Human body with emphasis on the interaction between them to maintain body homeostasis. Course Schedule: Week Date Topic 1 06/24/10 Introduction to Lab & Examination of Tissues (Exercises 1.2) Homeostasis & Negative Feed Back (Exercises 1.3) 2 07/01/10 Diffusion & Osmosis (Exercises 2.6) Blood Types (Exercises 6.3) 3 07/08/10 Reflex Arc & Sensation Quiz #1 Electroencephalogram 4 07/15/10 Physiology of Eye and Ear Electromyography & Skeletal Muscle Physiology
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