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Bio175L ExtraCredit - 2 Body of the paper a Use primary...

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Bio 175 Lab Extra Credit Human Physiology Dr. R. Katz Research Essay I. Objectives: 1. To write an essay using a minimum of 5 primary sources on any topic, related to health, science, or medicine. 2. To write a 5-paragraph formal essay Take note of general guidelines to formal analytic writing ( MLA or APA formats) Take note of citation format II. Requirements: 1. Cover Page a) The title of the research paper must be centered in the middle of the cover page. b) Bottom of cover page must have the student’s first and last name, teacher’s name, title of the class (Human Physiology) and the date the paper is submitted c) A photograph or illustration significant to your essay as background.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Body of the paper a) Use primary sources (no Wikipedia or other similar websites, please…); you may utilize expert (interview) sources. b) 5- paragraphs 1) An introductory paragraph- introduction of subject, arouses interest of reader 2) 3 Body paragraphs- supportive examples, details 3) A concluding paragraph- summarizes, has emotional appeal, creative wrap –up III. Presentation/Sharing to class : Please let me know what topic you have chosen to research on and the day that you would like to share your research information to the class. ( 5-15 minute presentation)...
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