ANTH1110BLangaugeIndividuals-1 - Language, culture, and the...

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Language, culture, and the making of individuals ANTH1110B (2010-2011) 21 October 2010 CH4: Language Language and culture Design features of human language Language and context Linguistic relativity Components of Language Pidgin Languages Linguistic inequality Language and truth CH5 - Culture and Individuals Perception Cognition Emotion Motivation Personality/Self/Subjectivity Structural violence Trauma Individual Psychology and Context Today’s subjects Linguistic anthropology: The study of patterns of language use in social and cultural contexts Psychological anthropology: The branch of anthropology that addresses issues concerned with cultural learning by individuals Six design features of human language Openness Displacement Prevarication Arbitrariness
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Duality of patterning Semanticity Analysis of language Grammar: a set of rules that aims to describe the patterns of linguistic usage observed by members of a particular speech community. Phonology: - the study of the sounds of language.
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ANTH1110BLangaugeIndividuals-1 - Language, culture, and the...

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