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25 Questions, 7 pages name (required) ___________________ 1. (4pts). The lectures on “data” began with the suggestion that there were some key questions to ask of any study. Which of the following were in that list? MTF (A) How many data exist? (B) What’s the evidence? (C) Who obtained the evidence? (D) How was the evidence obtained? Data: Error 2. (5 pts) Which of the following demonstrations or videos were used to illustrate errors in data or “ideal” data, and which options also correctly identify the type of error illustrated or the purpose of the demo? An option that correctly refers to only part of the demo should be considered correct. A) coin flip to illustrate bias B) coin flip to illustrate how to reduce sampling error C) “choose a random odd number” to illustrate RPA error D) a video clip from the movie Spinal Tap to illustrate (bad) standards: “it’s one louder” E) a video clip from a Monty Python video to illustrate RPA error: “Penguin intelligence” ( 3-5 ). For each of the following descriptions, indicate the types of error present (the italicized phrase identifies the error). Mark a type of error only if it is definitely present. Do not assume any more than what is explicitly described. One answer only for each question, but an option may be used more than once . Note that you have the option of “none.” type of error: A) RPA B) sampling D) Bias E) No error indicated 3. (4 pts) A high school football coach decides to test whether his players might be on steroids. He tests his 50 players (first and second string) and finds that, while nearly all of his players have testosterone levels within the normal range, one player (Jerry) has a high level – that only 2% of high school football players (males) his age should have a level that high. Based on this evidence, the coach disciplines Jerry. In thinking about whether the disciplinary action is justified, you should answer what type of error could account for the unusually high testosterone level in Jerry ? (one only) (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) 4. (4 pts) Two UT students, Alice and Lilia, are conducting a poll to assess UT-wide student attitudes about a topic. Alice is a computer whiz and puts a web page up to let other UT students express their opinions. Lilia visits dorm cafeterias and has students fill out forms while dining. After the first day, the poll results from hundreds of students for each method are noticeably different, so Alice and Lilia accuse each other of being sloppy with their data. But the same approximate outcome happens the second day as well. What type of error is suggested by the consistent difference in poll response between the web page interface and the forms filled out by dining students ? (one only) (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) 5 . ( 4 pts ) A racing car’s performance on a track is compared with and without a fuel additive. In multiple trials with and without the additive, the car’s top speed is consistently 3 miles per hour faster with the additive, but fuel
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ex2ab05 - 25 Questions, 7 pages name (required) _ 1....

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