ex1ab06 - Bio301D Exam 1 27 Sept 06 Name (required) _ 1. (5...

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Bio301D Exam 1 27 Sept 06 Name (required) _____________ 1. (5 pts) The following statements pertain to the first-day survey and the discussion of it in the following lectures. Which statements are true? (multiple True/False = MTF) (A) Highly varied responses were observed for some statements. The discussion that followed suggested that most of the variation in responses was due to students having different levels of direct knowledge of the relevant evidence. (B) Comparing classes from different years, responses to the same statement are usually similar. (C) It was suggested that emotional factors were important in many of the responses. (D) More students considered it “definitely” or “probably” true that governments had concealed evidence that aliens have landed on earth than considered it definitely or probably true that aliens have even landed. (E) The purpose of this survey was to assess your baseline knowledge of basic biological facts. Scientific Method 2). (4 pts) The figure below shows the steps of the scientific method, labeled (i)-(viii). Which of the following options are true? You are assumed to know the identity of these steps for this question. In two cases, you are asked to relate the elements of this figure to demonstrations done in class. (MTF) (A) “Data” are part or all of (iv) and (viii). (B) What we refer to as the scientific method includes all steps but (i) (C) Omission of (vii) still enables progress in the long term, if not the short term. (D) For the in-class demonstration using the “Wheel of Fortune” game, your guesses at letters in the blanks were examples of (ii). 3. (5 pts). Which institutions or processes were described as (usually) lacking at least evaluation (and perhaps other elements)? MTF (A) religion (B) evolutionary biology (C) many government agencies (D) the criminal justice system (E) car repair (F) writing a news article --Page 1 of 6--
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Bio301D Exam 1 27 Sept 06 Name _____________ 4. (5 pts) David is writing a computer program to determine all whole numbers between one and a billion (10 9 ), which when multiplied by 3, give a palindrome (a palindrome reads the same way forward as backward). The first 10 of these numbers were given to him by someone else, but there are possibly hundreds or thousands of numbers satisfying this criterion. He starts out by writing a simple computer program. It fails to generate even his list of 10, so he looks closely at the program and discovers that the program approximates numbers rather than treating them as exact values. He fixes this problem. Now his program correctly provides his list of the first ten palindromes plus others; these others are correct solutions to the problem. But the program has another difficulty: the program stops considering numbers at 10 8 , so David still does not know the palindromes between 10 8 and 10 9 . After calling a friend for help, neither of them is able to solve the problem. The program remains unfixed, and David has an incomplete
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ex1ab06 - Bio301D Exam 1 27 Sept 06 Name (required) _ 1. (5...

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