ex4ab06 - name(required Exam 4 Bio301D 6 Dec 06 1(4 pts Key...

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name _______________________ (required) Exam 4, Bio301D, 6 Dec 06 1. (4 pts) Key code, box #, and name . Fill in (A B) to indicate your key for this version of the exam. Be sure your name and box number are correctly bubbled in on the scantron and that you have signed this exam copy. Demos, videos, and current events 2. (5 pts) . The money game . Which of the following options apply to the "money game" that used strips of paper? (MTF) A) Winning money was based on an individual’s ability to outwit others; if one was clever enough, he/ she could win money regardless of the behavior of others. B) The largest monetary gain a person could get was possible if the entire class, including them, cooperated with each other C) The game illustrated how one can bias a study. D) Randomization of the choices given to participants was critical to the outcome. E) This year is the first in which no one received any money. 3. (5 pts) . Consider Monday’s coin flip demonstration. What was the purpose of this demo, or what was illustrated? (MTF) (A) The demo illustrated a way to bias a set of studies by using initial results to decide which individual studies to complete and publish. (B) The demo could have also illustrated the same point if individuals had been allowed to use dice or random number tables to generate the data, rather than coin flips. (C) The problem illustrated by the demo relies on sampling error, and when sampling error is present, there is no easy way for a study to avoid the problem. In this sense, the problem is similar to an intrinsic difficulty. (D) The problem illustrated would be avoided, or at least be reduced, if companies were forced to publish the results of all studies, including studies that were incomplete. (E) The demonstration illustrated a type of bias that would usually occur at the end of a study, after all data were gathered. 4. (5 pts) Mark all statements that correctly summarize the information shown in part II of Prisoners of Silence video on Facilitated Communication (FC). The video illustrated or suggested: (MTF) A) Individuals for which emotional factors caused them to refuse to accept scientific evidence B) Individuals for which material (professional) gain caused them to refuse to accept scientific evidence C) Bias: the use of anecdotes to support conclusions contrary to the results of experimental studies. D) Bias: a person claiming that virtually no amount of evidence would cause them to reject their views. E) It was pointed out in the video that the controls used in the tests of FC overcame the objection that the testing environment was inappropriate for evaluating FC. page 1 of 6
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5. (4 pts) Which points were made in discussing current events? This one is factual only and refers to articles from the New York Times . MTF A) Michael Crichton’s new book Next (a novel) visits some social issues about genetics and biological determinism. B)
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ex4ab06 - name(required Exam 4 Bio301D 6 Dec 06 1(4 pts Key...

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