ex1ab07 - Bio301D Exam 1 26 Sept 07 Name(required 1(5 pts...

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Bio301D Exam 1 26 Sept 07 Name (required) _____________ 1. (5 pts) The following statements pertain to the first-day survey and the discussion of it in the following lectures. Which statements are true? (multiple True/False = MTF) (A) In the survey, you were asked to evaluate the truth of statements on a single, ‘yes’ vs. ‘no’ scale. (B) Three patterns were identified among the class responses to different questions: consensus true/false (most of the class agreeing that the statement was true or was false), consensus uncertainty (most of the class toward the middle), and bimodality. (C) One example was observed in which the class response changed with the context of the statement. (D) As a whole, the class was almost entirely disbelieving of statements not backed by scientific evidence. (E) It was suggested that a person’s response of uncertainty on a statement need NOT reflect ignorance. 2. (4pts) . The concept of a ‘decision rule’ was introduced. A decision rule is the way you arrive at a decision about the possible truth of something and what factors go into that decision. Which of the following apply to that discussion? MTF A) One main ingredient in a decision rule is the person’s ‘direct experience’ with the topic. B) One main ingredient in a decision rule is ‘evidence from others’ (other sources) C) One main ingredient in a decision rule is the statement’s compatibility with a person’s world view D) The emotional appeal a story generates can be a strong factor in whether a person accepts it. Scientific Method 3). (4 pts) The scientific method figure (not shown) connects the steps of the scientific method with arrows. Which of the following options are true? Where step B is said to follow step A, it must be that step B immediately follows A (and likewise for statements about A preceding B). (MTF) (A) Data feed into Revision. (B) Revision feeds into Goals. (C) Acceptance of a Model is immediately preceded by Evaluation (D) The goal leads into Evaluation. 4. (5 pts) KrumCo is a non-profit organization that tries to promote awareness of themselves. Their members go about town giving talks and posting fliers about their organization. Throughout the year, members conduct small surveys of handfuls of the town residents to find out how many people have heard of their organization, and at every annual meeting they consider these surveys in deciding whether KrumCo is well enough known to satisfy their objective. Every year they decide that they are doing a good job and so keep doing what they have always done. Which elements of the scientific method are present for use of this program to find the numbers? MTF (A) Goal (B) Model (C) Data (D) Evaluation (E) Revision (F) None --Page 1 of 6--
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Bio301D Exam 1 26 Sept 07 Name _____________ 5. (5 pts) Astrologists claim to be able to predict your future and give insights to your being , and they have well-defined rules to use in reaching those forecasts, based on your birthday and birth hour. However, there are no attempts to test the accuracy of those predictions – no formal observations, no
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ex1ab07 - Bio301D Exam 1 26 Sept 07 Name(required 1(5 pts...

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