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23 Questions, 7 pages name (required) ___________________ 1. (4 pts). The lectures identified 3 fundamental questions to ask of any claim. Which of the following from that list were also said to be a focus of the lectures on data ? MTF A) How many data exist? B) What’s the evidence? C) Who obtained the evidence? D) How was the evidence obtained? 2. (5 pts.) Exam Key Code: Fill in (A)(B) on this question (2) to indicate your exam code; leave the other bubbles blank. Also, fill in the correct bubbles for your name and pad number on the scantron form. You must turn in this hard copy (with your name on it) and your scantron to receive credit for this exam. Errors in Data 3. (4pts) The income of investment advisors increases with the number of clients they secure. The companies they represent often have hundreds of funds, many of which lost money in the previous year, but some of which earned money. Additionally, there are many different statistics calculated for their company’s overall performance, and some statistics are more favorable to the company than others. When an investment advisor meets with you, they show you the funds that did well and the statistics that are favorable to their company. Assuming that you can treat this difference between average statistic/fund performance and those shown to you as a type of error, what type of error is this? One answer only . A) Sampling B) Bias C) RPA D) Human and technical E) None 4. (4pts) In a math class, you are asked to calculate the number of objects of length x (approximately an inch long) needed to span exactly one mile when laid out end to end. When attempting to do this in practice, you must measure the objects of length x to make the calculation. What type of error is most likely to cause your calculation to be somewhat inaccurate, assuming that the measuring device for the object gives a value only to within 1% of the true value? One answer only A) Sampling B) Bias C) RPA D) Human and technical E) None 5. (4 pts) An employer decides to test his 200 employees for drugs. Using urine, he first checks creatinine levels to look for any diluted samples. He finds that, while nearly all of his employee samples have creatinine levels within the normal range, one employee has a low level, below 1% of that found in the population, and a second test of the same sample shows that the level is indeed low. Based on this evidence, he fires that employee for diluting their sample. What type of error could account for the unusually low creatinine level in one employee ? ( one only ) A) Sampling B) Bias C) RPA D) Human and technical E) None 6. (4 pts) The TAs for 301D report to Bull that many students attended the first help session for HW2, nearly all were prepared, and the students had lots of good questions and understood the material. From this, Bull concludes that everything is on track. Grading of HW2 instead reveals that most of the class was not as well prepared as the students in the first help session. What type of error causes the prediction based on the first
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ex2ab07 - 23 Questions 7 pages name(required 1(4 pts The...

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