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Exam 3, Biology 301D, 14 November 2007 100.5 Points Total (20 questions, 7 pages) When finished, turn in both the Scantron and hard copy. Put your name on hard copy too , or you may not get credit for the exam . You may write on the hard copy, but your grade will be determined by what you put on the Scantron form . You will get this hard copy back, if you want, but it will also be posted on the web within hours of the exam. None, one, all, or any combination of individual answers may apply to a question unless stated otherwise (these questions are designated “ MTF ”) . Unless you are told that a question has just one answer, evaluate each option independently of the others to decide if it is correct. If any part of an option is incorrect, consider the entire option incorrect. Scantron identification.
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Unformatted text preview: . Fill in the correct bubbles for your name and personal 3-digit code on the scantron form (last 3 columns of the ID field). Failure to properly identify yourself on either the scantron form or the hard copy could result in zero credit for the exam. Your personal code number goes in the last 3 cells of the ID number field. If you don’t know your 3-digit code, ask Bull before you turn in the scantron form. Put your name on this hard copy too. Posting . The different versions of the exam, keys, your score, and a question-by-question accounting of your exam points will be posted on the web, usually the same afternoon/evening of the day you took the exam. Phrases and sentences in italics should be considered as true MTF questions may have no correct answers-1-...
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